Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Are you a Hardcore Writer?


Frank Castle hat im Bones Magazine #2 einen Artikel zum Thema Internet und Hardcore Writing veröffentlicht:

How can you ever call yourself a hardcore graffiti writer, when all you did was log on to Google, type in graffiti, find an online shop, order your “Trackside Pack” – containing 6 silvers, 6 blacks, a mask and gloves – and then used Google Earth to find directions to the best trackside plot in your area?

Likewise, how can you call yourself a true exponent of the underground Cataphile movement in Paris, if all you did was log on to the Net, look up the Catacombs and get in touch with some guys who agreed to show you the secrets of Paris’ underbelly?

In the 21st century a hardcore way of life can often be contrived – many try to tick all the boxes, replicate what’s already gone before them and live out their so-called hardcore lifestyle, according to the rules and guidelines they read on the Net, rather than simply living and breathing it.

That’s not to say that every young person out there can’t be a diehard. Far from it, but nowadays it’s very rare to find an authentic case, and even rarer to see it maintained. We live in an age where everyone has to conform – even the most rebellious individuals find it difficult to fight against the unstoppable force of conformity. lt’s nigh on impossible to defeat, so why not go with the flow, eh?

We’ve all done it – dyed our hair black and gone goth, got a tattoo, painted a train, injected heroin, joined in with ten other guys to fuck a whore on camera… Whatever it was that you did, with the intention of becoming a hardcore rebel, going against the grain of society, you went out and did it. But it’s all been done before, only more authentic, more original – with no agenda, just straight up real – so it was pointless, right?

In 2008, I truly believe that the real hardcore fuckers are the ones holding down a 9-to-5 and still doing their own thing on the downlow. Representing their true beliefs, while fooling society at large into believing they’re just another conformist number. infiltrating the old boy’s network, the UK’s elitist institutions, playing the game, but winning. Why? Because we haven’t lost our essence. We may be physically trapped in the rat race. but our brains run on different fuel and, when we have our own time and space, we let loose.

There’s a whole generation of new hardcore rebels out there leading that double life – working hard, keeping up the facade and enjoying a large slice of hardcore.

In essence, what l’m trying to say is, hardcore – whatever it is you’re doing in terms of lifestyle or mentality – is something that you really can’t buy into. Hardcore is an old school mentality and a way of doing things that many aspire to, but few can replicate. Those that do manage it, are either ostracised or so deep in the “Matrix” that you’ll never know.

Text: Frank Castle – Yardcore or Internet killed the Ghetto Superstar (Bones Magazine #2)

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