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Kobzarro: Train Surfing in Russia


Vocativ hat die 18-jährige Trainsurferin Kobzarro interviewt, die in Russland auf Zügen surft und auf hohe Gebäude klettert.

Kobzarro is a rising star of Russia’s growing community of trainsurfers – a movement that is sweeping the country and attracting hundreds of young daredevils going out of their way for a rush of adrenaline.

Her risky pastime began when she ran away from her over-protective parents’ home at the age of 15 and found herself at a train station. Since then she has become an avid transurfer, with a Youtube channel and a growing following.

“For me this is not just a hobby, it’s a philosophy” Kobzarro says. “When I am trainsurfing I create my own rules and no one can control me.”