Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Caribes #3 – Chile


Dritter Teil Caribes, dritter Teil fieseste Südamerika Action! Wer die ersten beiden gesehen hat, weiß ungefähr was ihn hier erwartet. Die CMS Jungs kleckern nicht mit Taggs, Street und Trains.

After travelling a little bit all around Europe and North America, we took the decision to go back to our continent, with our people, our language, our culture. This time, we went to Santiago de Chile, one of our favorite cities for sure, due to it´s great identity and flavor, also style and rawness which gives so much personality to it’s graffiti scene. Knowing all this, and also the fact that Santiago has one of the hardest metro systems in the world, to the momment, as a result, you get one of the most important graffiti scene, not only in our continent, but worldwide.