Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Rail Stories: Soviet System 1 – Erevan


Rail Stories startet mit Episode 1 und der Serie Soviet System aus der armenischen Hauptstadt Jerewan. In Yards einsteigen erinnert hier ein bisschen an Bergwerkarbeit.

In 15 Episoden aufgeteilt wird Rail Stories erscheinen und dient als Trailer zu einem neuen Magazin namens DSCAMØE #1 über Graffiti und Reisen.

DESTROYERS present new project called “Rail Stories: Soviet System”. This is timed to graffiti magazine release. It will be 15 episodes with different metro systems, part of soviet union in past.

Rail Stories: Soviet System 1 | Erevan.
We present you the first trailer, dedicated to release of the magazine about graffiti and travel. The video is about trip to Armenia, to the city of Yerevan. Participants: Elny (NSB), Xmas (NSB), Pollo (UFS) and CAMOE (DSC).

«DSCAMOE. Part 1» is a self-made edition devoted to graffiti bombing and travel. This is the story of one author from Russia, about his activities in this subculture. Sometimes behind the photos of the paintings are very interesting stories that will dove the reader into the atmosphere of the action.

In the first issue, in addition to pictures of painted trains, walls and subway cars, you will find detailed stories about trip from three locations, where the metro was done: Yerevan (Armenia), Yekaterinburg (Russia) and Samara (Russia).

The magazine is not planned to be produced in huge batches and to be delivered to stores for sale. This magazine is for friends and their friends. In the magazine you will be able to see photos that will never get into social networks or other print magazins. 42 pages, A5 size.