Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

New York: The Fire Next Door


The Fire Next Door ist eine CBS Doku über die Feuer in der South Bronx in den späten 70ern. Burning buildings are as common here as broken dreams. Crazy!

This is the Bronx, in New York. One and a half million people live in this borough — equal to the population of Houston or Washington or San Diego. It’s the home of the New York Yankees, the Bronx Zoo, and the Grand Concourse. It has also become the arson capital of the world.

Once, that smoke on the horizon signified industry, progress, jobs. Now it means someone is burning down a building: a landlord, for profit; a tenant, for revenge; junkies; vandals. It happens thirty times a day and the flames are the signal of a national disaster.

In the next hour, we’ll see what fire is doing to the Bronx and its people. It’s a report from one place in one city, but the forces at work here are no longer unique to the Bronx. The fire here is the fire next door.