Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Groundbreaking Women: Lady Pink


Lady Pink (Wild Style) hat sich für das Format Groundbreaking Women interviewen lassen!

Called the “First Lady of Graffiti,” Pink is a veteran when it comes to rising above: at 15 years old, she started writing graffiti alongside a posse of inner-city boys who introduced her to the enigmatic world of coaxing art from the metallic surfaces of New York City subway trains. “I know I was a token female,” she admits. “But I got my foot in the door, and although I was a novelty, I have kept the door open by always putting out brilliant work.” Along the way, she has cultivated an international sisterhood of other female Graffiti artists, as well as serving as a role model to aspiring young women in art. She declares, “I want people to realize that with determination, hard work, and perseverance, you too can become a success, you can become an artist, and live life to the fullest.”