Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

New York High Times


Entspanntes Klettern in New York: Raskalov und EM1T steigen bei Gewitter auf den New York Times Tower. On The Roofs präsentiert.

A rainbow is a sign of hope, the beauty that comes after the storm. A bolt of lightning is a symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance.

We had a special climb planned. Raskalov was flying to NY for this specific occasion. Early that morning at dawn the flight was cancelled. Another ticket was hastily purchased for a flight arriving a few hours before the missions start. As we reached the top floor we see an immense rainstorm unfolding outside. Well aware that this is the most sketchy spire to physically climb in NY, we debate if it’s even be possible for us to perform the climb on wet metal. We withdrew to the top floor to monitor the progress of the weather outside the windows. Manifesting the end result which we desired that evening. After about an hour of waiting we see a clearing in the rain, we rush up, gain access to the roof and find an immaculate double rainbow. We all knew our parts, the order in which to climb, we spring into action. Raskalov performs his climb in record time, barely stopping to catch his breath. By the time EM1T starts to climb, clouds loom ominously and thunder strikes start to tear the sky asunder. Invoking a small prayer of protection. After that, fate is placed in the hands of the universe. Don’t stop until the top. The hairs on our heads standing straight up due to the static charge in the atmosphere, a classic sign that we are in high risk of being struck by lighting. While sitting at the top of the spire a zapping sound is heard, a bright purple light is seen, and jolt is felt as lighting actually touches EM1Ts hair and GoPro. These are the moments where we feel most alive, not taking a single second of life for granted while in such a situation. A stark contrast to daily life and routines. These are the moments we’ll remember for ever. In the process of exploring the world we find our true selves. We wish to convey even a fragment of this feeling in our videos. Thank you so much to the loyal viewers of On The Roofs channel. We been uploading videos here for 12 years now and we will never stop doing this. Because we truly love these moments. Extremely grateful for a safe and successful mission.