Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Homework – Paintings and Installations by EVOL


Am Dienstag, den 13.01.2015 ab 18:30 findet im Aedes Am Pfefferberg die Ausstellungseröffnung zu Homework von EVOL statt. Die Ausstellung läuft dann anschließend weiter bis zum 22.02.2015.

The exhibition “Homework“, which is dedicated to the oeuvre of the Berlin based artist Evol, is the fourth and last part of the series “In-Between” by Lukas Feireiss.

“In-Between” brings together artistic positions that critically explore spatial discourses in contemporary visual culture – ranging from architecture and installation, to photography and film, painting and illustration. It examines the influential strength of architecture and the built environment on the arts and investigates how built forms are being used and misused, thereby distending and extending space, and potentially offering alternatives to the autonomous presumptions of architecture.

“Homework” presents a variety of Evol’s paintings and installations. Architecture and the fabric of the city itself, in manifold variations of complex template work, are reoccuring themes of the artist. The stencil images of buildings, meticulously executed and detailed on recycled cardboard and within the built environment captivate with their conceptual and artistic coherence. Thereby Evol’s use of the iconography of pre-cast concrete buildings for his stencil works are tongue-in-cheek reflections on modernist building methods in architecture and urban planning. In the same way that residential and office buildings are constructed with pre-cast slabs, Evol’s buildings are created by assembling and spray-painting pre-fabricated templates on side.

Evol, Berlin-based artist and trained product designer is best known for his site-specific urban installations and paintings made on reclaimed cardboard. For his public practice he transforms electric meters and street fixtures into miniature, pre-cast housing complexes, using templates to spray paint many layers of his architectural designs. Evol also stencils and paints urban street scenes and buildings onto cardboard, and incorporates its tears, markings, and folds into his compositions as part of the building’s facade.

Aedes Am Pfefferberg
Christinenstraße 18-19
10119 Berlin

Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 11-18:30 Uhr, Sa-So 13-17 Uhr