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Review: Rescrierea Secvenței


Mihai Barabancea ist ein ehemaliger Graffitisprüher aus Bukarest und hat bereits 2014 sein Fotobuch Rescrierea Secvenței – zu deutsch Überschreibesequenz – veröffentlicht. In dem Buch nimmt er uns mit nach Bukarest und zeigt uns das Leben auf der Straße und seine Abgründe.

Die über 200 Fotos der Bibel der Ausgestoßenen, wie Mihai sie auch nennt, wurden über einen Zeitraum von 4 Jahren auf 35mm Film aufgenommen. Aktuell arbeitet Mihai an der Veröffentlichung seines neuen Buchs Sărutul.

Das Buch ist momentan leider in keinem Onlineshop zu bekommen. Falls Interesse besteht, schreibt uns einfach und wir stellen den Kontakt her.

Coming from a graffiti & streetart backround Mihai Barabancea is photographer that lives and work in Bucharest, Romania.

At the initiative of Nicu Ilfoveanu as an editor, Mihai Barabancea finished the production of a Photobook in a limited golden edition of 500 copies, at Fabrik. The introduction of this book was written by the poet and philosopher Bogdan Ghiu. To get the photos in this book Mihai collaborated with anonymous local charismathic characters full of talent and exibitionism. The photographs ware taken on 35 mm film in 4 years of actvity.
Mihai went “full retarded” so to speak by going in the “vulture’s nest” in order to give you these images.

The title of the book “Overriding Sequence” or the bible of the rejects expresses the multiverse of subjects, trapped in a alternative hyper-reality, reinterpreting their own lives, exceeding themselves overplaying theyr roles and perform the pre-existing template asocieted to them so they are going Super Saiyan and beyond. The viewer is immersed in the eye of the storm, mingling among the characters as a hologram.

Inside the photo-novel you can fell a subconstient musical rhythm intuitively felt by one who browses the book. The images are symbolic pieces of the puzzle together and act as the strings of a harp.

“The sequencing / the succession of images creates a unique story, like a wormhole multiverse travel, where in the end you finally re-discover salvation through love. The content, once seen, it can not be unseen (Hopes Mihai) viewer gets looked in the book “eye to eye” with the characters says Bogdan Ghiu, picture in picture, as in a infinite video feedback.