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Crowdfunding: RIOT1394 World


Krasser Output: Aktuell wird auf Kickstarter das zweite Buch von RIOT1394 gecrowdfunded. Ab 10 Euro ist man dabei, 35 Euro wenn man das Buch haben will. Über 10.000 Euro sind schon in der Kasse, wer jetzt noch dabei sein will, sollte sich beeilen!

Hello Everybody, I need your help to publish my super wicked special 2nd book. With 180 pages packed with new, unseen and old treasures it‘s gonna be bigger, better and a must have for every Writer, Graffhead, Comixfan, Stoner, and Illustrator.

It’s almost 3 years since my first book „RIOT1394 – Lines“ came out. That’s the right moment to thank everybody again who bought the first book and supported us. Now I am really proud to present to you book no. 2 „RIOT1394 – World“. I wasn’t lazy and I painted a lot more and found old treasures. So I thought it was time to bring out a new book. But not just any book, „RIOT1394 – World“ is packed to the maximum with sketches, scribbles, cartoons, canvases, styles on paper and concrete, characters and letters. In this book you will get a deep insight into my world. I hope you like it and it inspires the one or the other and you will take it out of the shelf more then once. It was a lot of work to produce a book and without the infinite help of my friend and business partner SKENAR73 it wouldn’t be possible. So I talked enough now its your turn. Have fun I am gonna lean back.

Thank u for your time and hopefully for your support.