Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

American Road Trip #2 – Kalifornien


Road Trip durch Amerika, Teil 2: San Francisco und Los Angeles!

San Francisco was our first stop for the trip, as usual we got cans and went out in the day to check some spots to do for the evening. I think this city takes the cake for the most homeless people I have seen in a city, let alone poverty, more than what I saw in LA. This city is the most expensive city to live in the USA and I don’t see the fuss, a nice meal cost quiet a lot, thanks you Whole Foods for free meals =).

LA was my first stop this year, after a monster flight I somehow stayed up and checked the yard to paint. This yard is never dead and for many years you hear horror stories about this place, you really have to pick when the best time to enter. Anyway, it all went well till they started testing the train again, in which I finished up and got spotted by a worker. I hid to wait for photos under a train but they kept the doors open, I was hiding for ten minutes till I felt that I had to leave before I get caught as the cop and security were two aisles away. As I got to the fronts and ran the worker saw me again, I sprinted and got out of the yard ran to the car and drove off but had to somehow come back to get photos. I called one of my friends back home asking what to do, he told me to wait as they pull them out but don’t know what time. I drove around for an hour in the late hours, for people who have been there you know how bad the area gets late night especially with LA cops everywhere driving around after being called that there was a trespasser in the yard. I parked the car and went up to the bridge and waited, where I was waiting was a former homeless guys corner which had used underwear and human shit, but it was the only place where I can hide for passing cars (possible cops) and be out of the light. Sitting there for thirty minutes I saw the lights of my train turn on and it came out slowly, was a perfect outcome.

For the best tacos
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