Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Just Do Hit: China 2019 Extras – Masks in Shenzhen


Just Do Hit meldet sich aus Shenzhen, der drittgrößten chinesischen Metropole. Trains metern im totalen Überwachungsstaat zu den Anfängen der Corona-Pandemie!

Shenzhen it’s a third city in China by population and first in the World by number of cameras which is make this city very safe from graffiti. Every day the tech-grow of South Chinese cities are goes higher and higher what gives very systematic logical and convenience cozy life but controlled by social rating in must-have applications and face-identity cameras as well.

All this nuances we share via new format of video shot during first days of Global CoVid-19 Pandemic when taking a masks was not popular yet at all… But for us it was another pleasant memorable action with friends like in second home.