Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Release: Poor Heraldix – Exotic Landscape

Neben dem Buchrelease von Poor Heraldix – Exotic Landscape by P. Vector Codierer wird am kommenden Samstag, den 18.09.2021, auch die Eröffnung des neuen Hitzerot Hauptquartiers an der Beusselstraße gefeiert. Um 16 Uhr gehts los.

We have been through busy months this year. While preparing the restart with a lot of new publications this summer, we worked on a bigger project in the background: with the help of many close friends we managed to build the Hitzerot Headquarters in Berlin Moabit. We are very proud of having a space to host our first release event for the upcoming book by P. Vector Codierer: “Poor Heraldix – Exotic Landscape”.

18.09.2021, 16-21 Uhr

Hitzerot Headquarters
Wittstocker Str. 1
10553 Berlin
(Nähe S Beusselstraße)