Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Road Rage – An Exhausting Graffiti Trip


MTN zeigt einen 6-tägigen Graffiti Trip mit AFILER und SHIAT. Trains und Wholecars. Marseille, Paris, Brüssel und Rotterdam mit dazu passendem Soundtrack von PNL und anderen.

In the spirit of the classic InterRail, Afiler and Shiat chart a six-day road trip in Western Europe. Taking in Marseille, Paris, Brussels and Rotterdam, the duo leave their mark on different models of subways and trains, notching up a total of 19 pieces. The visual diary also includes cameos from writers such as Yokos, Fiane, Ener and Stocks.

Due to the secretive nature of this type of graffiti, some of the pieces must remain secret, so in this video they have been replaced by footage of previous missions in the same city.