Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Capturing A Culture 8-10 – Subway Art & Graffiti


Marc-Aurèle Vecchione und Resistance Films haben die Serie Capturing A Culture produziert. In den Folgen 8 bis 10 hat er Henry Chalfant zum Thema Graffiti und Subway Art vor die Kamera geholt. Arte Creative präsentiert.

Die anderen Folgen der Serie sind auch sehr sehenswert.

Episode #8 – Subway Art captured by Henry Chalfant

In the early 1970s, New York City is fast becoming one big graffiti canvas. Henry Chalfant rifles through subway cars looking for the best graffiti works, from simple tags to wildly shaped and vividly colored letterings. At the time, he’s the only one who recognizes the artistic value of graffiti, which is being erased as quickly as possible. The history of a new art form is being written and immortalized in his photos.

Episode #9 – Graffiti writers captured by Henry Chalfant

After spending months on New York’s subway lines hunting for graffiti paintings that pop up there, Henry Chalfant tracks down the artists behind the images and becomes part of their crew. Being photographed by Henry becomes a badge of honor for graffiti writers, who wake him in the wee hours to say exactly where their newest works have sprung up.

Episode #10 – Graffiti Art captured by Henry Chalfant

Graffiti makes its way into art galleries, and once again Henry Chalfant is along for the ride. At the height of the postmodern era, he shares his view of artists who are shifting directions and transforming their art.