Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

London: More Hate Than Fear


More Hate Than Fear von Molly Manning Walker ist eine Londoner Graffiti-Doku in der es vorallem um die Strafverfolgung von Graffitidelikten geht. Der Hauptakteur hat 3½ Jahre für Graffiti hinter Gittern verbracht. (via, via)

The documentary follows several artists on their trips to do ‘graf’ around London, persecuted by the council and the law for their work. “Harry is my brother’s best friend. So through hanging out with Harry I slowly met more and more graffiti artists. It was never a forced environment, it felt very honest and natural,” explains Walker. “There’s a lot of good stories. One of the artists was imprisoned for 15 months, but on release he was paid by the council to teach kids how to graffiti! It highlights the absurd circle that councils get stuck in.”

“Every time I went out with them there was a story. In spending a lot of time with them, I began to get an idea of their routines. Watching them hide their laptops up fireplaces and hard drives under floor boards, when they were leaving the house, refusing to use oysters or not having an iPhone so they were untraceable. It’s a crazy way of life and I still find it fascinating.”