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In The Name Of The Son – When A Writer Dies Painting


In In The Name Of The Son – When A Writer Dies Painting geht es um 3 junge Sprüher – KBAG, LOVER und TRIP – die an der Londoner Loughborough Junction im Jahr 2018 von einem Zug erfasst wurden. Die Doku zeigt vorallem, wie die Familie damit umgeht.

In 2018 three young writers were fatally run over by a passenger train in London. The father of one of the three boys, Carlos Fresneda, journalist, writer and author of the book “Querido hijo”, is the key that lets us delve into a subject as delicate as it is rapturous, tackled in a unique way in this audiovisual report.

The specific case of the writers Kbag, Lover and Trip allows us to reflect on everything that surrounds this kind of tragic event, a phenomenon that is inevitably frequent in illegal graffiti. Analyzing the sense of risk in graffiti, the mourning processes of loved ones or the social response to these events, are some of the objectives of In the Name of the Son. This production aims to motivate a deep reflection on graffiti, art, death and life, both for writers and for people outside the culture.

In addition to the invaluable testimony of Carlos Fresneda, in this short documentary we also have the statements of Isabel Carrasco, mother of Trip, Stone, writer and friend of Trip; Snoe, writer and father of a son; and Temp32, former graffiti writer who was with the three young men shortly before the tragic accident.