Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

O’CLOCK: Ubiquités Ausstellung Paris


In der Pariser David Bloch Gallery findet grad die Ubiquités Ausstellung statt. Finden wir gut und deswegen haben wir ein paar Fotos besorgt:

Wer noch hin will, sollte sich beeilen. Die Ausstellung läuft nur noch bis zum 06.05.2016. (via)

O’CLOCK (1976), lives and works in Paris.

Originally from the suburbs of Paris he discovered the graffiti late 80’s. His first tag under this nickname will appear in 1995 in Paris and its suburbs. It is often considered as one of the taggers / graffiti artists more productive and more imaginative in the history of Graffiti in France.

“I do not like the status quo and recipes that work. I like taking risks, scaring myself. When I express my self there is a big part of improvisation and renewal who depend on my mood, trusting my instincts. feeling the atmosphere, evaluating the emergency of the situation to adapt my ideas. Of course, I got classic and efficient but I prefer not not to repeat the same tag or the same pieces forever, I need to renew my delight surprise, change, renew, confrontation with the unknown and danger, my alibi is graffiti.”

He has the distinction of being where you least expect it, either in style or in selected sites, all associated with a rate unrestrained. Multidisciplinary, he puts his signature on all media protean streets, subways, trains,trucks, tunnels, rooftops, highways, etc.. He focus on other artistic projects always related to graffiti. His solo and group exhibitions in France and abroad show us his sensitivity, his knowledge and his involvement in the material mostly through installations involving photography, video, and several explicit objects gathering, painting, sculpture … He address the problem of graffiti without actually “To show”, leaving the technical, aesthetic and pictorial away in a first time.

Graffiti is just an excuse to start the process. His desire is to put forward the mysterious part of the iceberg “Graffiti” to Talk of the reasons that have pushed him to practise it, his desires,his motivations,his context, in order to understand, the essence of this consuming passion, his personal origin.

Make a catharsis in a first time to discuss a second time his real “Work” of graffiti-artist.
First going through the mystery of the issue of the alter ego, pseudonym, anonymity, the adrenaline, the ephemeral and this need to impose his tastes, choice, through his actions. All these crucial questions unanswered and unaffordable, and that creates amalgams and cons-sense regrettable even that the graffiti is increasing her presence in the gallery and museums. As the illegality is the main condition and “legitimate” Graffiti, the form and substance in harmony to give life in all the senses …

David Bloch Gallery
190 Bd de Charonne
75020 Paris

Metro: Alexandre Dumas