Das Graffiti-Magazin Nr. 1 aus Berlin

Trailer: Remote Sensing


Good Guy Boris stellt seine neues Projekt Remote Sensing vor: Die Athener U-Bahnlinie 1 hat es ihm angetan, dank ihrer malerischen Umgebung ist sie ein super Foto-Objekt. Die Prints, ein dazu gehöriges Fotobuch und einiges mehr bekommt ihr in Boris’ Shop.

Inaugurated on 27 February, 1869, the historic Line 1 of the Athens Metro is the oldest of its three lines, constituting a modern rapid-transit system. With a total length of 25.6 km & 24 stations, Line 1 begins from the seaport of Piraeus and traverses through Athens’ heart, and finishes at Kifisia — a posh suburban locality.

While journeying on Line 1, the diverse & picturesque landscape of the surroundings offers a multitude of picture-taking opportunities; including natural landscapes, chaotic urban infrastructure, and most significantly, the world-famous ancient monuments. All the train carriages of Line 1 are completely covered with graffiti from top to bottom. Rolling for the last ten years, these graffiti-laden carriages give a tribute to innumerable local & international—alive or deceased—artists, thereby leaving their indelible mark on the steel carriages.

The combination aforementioned, the yearning to learn the line’s infrastructure, the pinpointing of its train-spotting locations, and learning its security surveillance system – gave birth to the idea of the Remote Sensing project.